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Make someone's day, every day. From personal care services to supporting a cause, you will find something that suits. Take our fee-free courses and enhance your skills and value as an employee.

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NSW Fee Free training offers flexible short courses to supercharge your learning and enhance your career options. Whether you’re looking to start, to advance, or to change your career, enrolling in a NSW Fee Free short course is the place to begin. NSW Fee Free is offering over 14,200 fee-free training places in short courses across a broad range of industries and occupations. Choosing what you want to study or train in can be difficult; there are so many choices! NSW Fee Free is specifically designed to offer fee free training in courses and qualifications where there is a high potential for employment in NSW, due to the skills needs of our economy and areas of employment growth.

Skills NSW fee free training is fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

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NSW Fee-Free training eligibility gives broad access to government-subsidised training and higher-level courses in targeted priority areas.

You may qualify for a range of discounts including fully-subsidised courses.

You may qualify for a range of discounts including fully-subsidised courses

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How long will it take to complete this qualification?

Short Course

All short courses are currently shown as under 4 months duration, based on the Department of Education's internal data analysis. Ask your provider for more information.


Duration information is based on 20 hours of class time per week and uses aggregated data reported to the Department by Smart and Skilled providers.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

The duration indicates contract term which includes both formal training and full-time employment under a training contract. This is based on aggregated data reported to the Department by Smart and Skilled providers. Click here for more information about doing an apprenticeship or traineeship and ask your provider for guidance on your individual circumstances.