Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices

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5 months (full-time)
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Entry-level employment

Course overview

This qualification applies to individuals who apply competitive systems and practices to their own work, contribute to identifying improvements and, where required, assist others to apply competitive systems and practices to their work.

This qualification provides a mixture of fundamental and more advanced skills in competitive systems and practices. It can also provide skills in guiding and assisting others in the competitive systems and practices environment.

This qualification complements but does not duplicate qualifications which cover the specific operational or technical skills required in an industry or job role. The qualification is an add-on, or overlay, for a person who has existing skills in their work for example in production, logistics, administration, healthcare, maintenance, financial services, warehousing, agribusinesses or other industries or job roles.

Where the person does not hold those skills the appropriate qualifications from other Training Packages should be considered.

The qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school.

The qualification assumes that the person has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained with sufficient expertise to enable them to take some facilitation, guidance or similar responsibility for team members.

The skills in this qualification may be known under a variety of titles and use of these titles can be confusing. Some titles refer to manufacturing, which is the origin of many competitive systems and practices. Other titles refer to specific techniques and still others to approaches which apply a range of their own techniques and techniques adapted from other approaches. The titles may also reference other, for example, lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, lean operations, agile project management and so on. These terms have changed over time and the practices are now being applied across a wide variety of industries.

Therefore ‘Competitive Systems and Practices’ is not an approach or system in its own right. It is a broad collective term intended to encompass the flexible application of various tools, techniques, systems and approaches that have synergies around continuous improvement, efficiency, business improvement and similar goals.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

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How to apply

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